Vlisco Super Wax - A052

Vlisco Super Wax - A052

$122.00 USD

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  • Vlisco Super Wax Fabric
  • Extra-Densely Woven Fabric
  • 6 yard (5.4M) lengths by 50 inch (127 cm) widths
  • Made with unbelievably soft super fine cotton
  • Vlisco: Produced in Holland since 1846
  • Eye catching colours
  • Large, natural bauling effect
  • Abstract patterns printed on both sides
  • Exclusive designs for Empire Textiles
  • Worldwide Shipping

Vlisco Super wax - The finest quality of Wax Print is the famous ‘Super-Wax'. All Super-Wax  designs feature three colours; two of them show the natural crackling effect whereas the third one is a solid colour. Many Super-Wax fabrics are characterised by the use of bright vibrant solid colours. And like any Vlisco fabric, Super-Wax is of the utmost quality, elegance and class. Originally introduced in and around Congo (Kinshasa) the Super-Wax products have now become popular in the countries such as, Ivory Coast, Benin and North Nigeria